Project Shares

Project Shares

What is a share?

A ‘share’ is an allocation of Research Storage. There are two kinds of shares: individual shares are available to all NC State faculty members for free, in 2TB allotments, for the entirety of the faculty members’ employment.

Project shares are Research Storage allocations that are associated with active projects in NC State’s Research Enterprise Data (RED) system.

Project shares:

  • Provide dedicated storage space that may be accessed by all NC State investigators on a specific project
  • Allotments begin at 2TB, and may be increased to up to 30TB, depending on need
  • Provide for retention of the data for the period specified by a grant and/or journal

Who can set up a project?

Anyone listed as an investigator on a project that is active in NC State’s RED system may set up a share for that project and manage the share after it has been created.

A project is considered ‘active’ if the state is active according to RED, the start date has been passed, and the end date has not.

To see if you have any active projects eligible for a project share:

  • Log in to the OIT’s Research Services Web Portal
  • Click the Research Storage menu at the top
    If you see the Set Up Project Storage menu item, it means you’re eligible but have not yet set up your storage
    Create Project Storage menu item

How do I set up a share for my project?

Create Project Storage box

  • Click the Get Started! button
  • Click the RED Project dropdown and select one of your projects
  • Enter a Project Share Name
  • Click the Create Project Storage button

You will be taken to the Research Storage Manager page and will see a section of the page with information about your new share.

The section contains a few orange hourglass icons. This indicates the share is being configured on the storage system. After appoximately 1 minute, the orange hourglass icons should turn into green checkmarks, indicating the share is ready to be used.

Next Steps

Set Up Access for Additional NC State Users (optional)

See the User Access page for instructions.

Access the Storage

See the Access Research Storage page for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when my RED project ends?

Nothing. You will still be able to access the project share. Access won’t be altered.

What do I do if I don’t have an active project in RED but need research storage space?

Use your Individual Share. All faculty are eligible to have their own individual share. Individual shares function in the same way as project shares.

How do I request additional storage?

Project share allocations may be increased up to 30TBs at no additional cost, but we do request that you refrain from requesting additional space until it is necessary to do so. To request an increase to an existing share, please contact

I have non-NC State collaborators who need to access my research data. How can I share data from my individual or project share?

Using the web-based data management tool, Globus. Globus enables NC State researchers to easily exchange large datasets with collaborators from other institutions, and may be accessed using a variety of authentication methods. Documentation on using Globus to access Research Storage is available; please contact with additional questions or to troubleshoot Globus.